Nataki Passionate Social Changer

Entrepreneur, activist, keynote speaker, and TV personality

Business – Nataki's commitment to entrepreneurship is strong within her own ventures and those owned by others. She has made a career of creating spaces for small businesses to incubate and grow. She also supports several companies through her seats on advisory boards.

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Activist – Nataki is passionate about health, environmental sustainability, vegan diet and lifestyle advocacy, environmental justice, economic empowerment, and humanitarian issues.

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TV Persoanlity – Watch Nataki in action as the host of LetsBuyBlack 365’s ConnectTV. Join Nataki and see the best in Black music, culture, education, entertainment, and lifestyle with interactive segments, interviews, cooking demos, performances and more.

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Inspiring audiences - Community groups, organizations, and businesses, and associations bring Nataki to their audience to inspire ideas and action on business, health, and activism topics. See more

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Passions & Hobbies

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Started a vegan catering company in her college dorm and has had the moniker “Best Vegan Chef” ever since. She still loves cooking and feeding people

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Nataki is an avid dancer. She dances traditional West African Dance, Belly dance, Chicago steppin and east and west coast swing but has been a diehard salsa, merengue, Bachata dancer for the last 15+ years

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Loves container gardening. She grows both decorative air cleansing plants and edible herbs and veggies

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She sometimes struggles with work/life balance but LOVES a great workout

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Nataki has been a management consultant since 2000 and helped hundreds of entrepreneurs through her consulting, public speaking, and training activities.

Renaissance Woman

Devoted family member

Passionate Social Changer

Community activist


Health & vegan advocate

Family Background

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